Friday, October 14, 2005

-per the request of ameer (who deemed this topic blogworthy)

there are a LOT of people out here who don't know the pen15 joke!!!! it's great!!!! i feel like i'm in elementary school again, running around and writing on everyone's hands!!! it's so much fun!!! yes, i'm a dork, but it's always great to feel like a kid again, isn't it?

i've attributed this phenomena to the fact that a lotta people out here didn't go to elementary school in the US. it's the only explanation i can think of...

so...come visit, and we can spread the joke and the joy together!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

now that i'm not working anymore, i may start blogging more often...but really, there's nothing to say...

i guess the most exciting recent thing is that we went to singapore 2 weeks ago for a wedding. it was SUPER traditional including the tea ceremony at each person's house and having to bribe the people at the door to get in, yadda yadda. man...the more weddings i go to, the more i just wanna elope, but that's not gonna fly with either of the parents, i'm sure...i may just let them take over completely. i'm already having a difficult time arguing over looking for a venue. i say it's too early and i don't wanna think about it, but both sides have already been looking and give me suggestions all the time - but i'm not even engaged yet for crying out loud!!!

anyway. i dun wanna talk about that...it'll just frustrate me...

told ya' there's nothing to blog about...maybe i'll try again in a few days. miss you all!!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

hong kong's favorite pasttime is shopping. some would even go as far to say that it's hong kong's favorite sport. horse racing comes in for a close second because EVERYONE gambles like crazy on 'em. this is not exactly the most athletic city out there...

anyway...it's sale season. yay! there are 2 sale seasons out here, one in the summer (starting july) and the other in the winter (starting feb'ish). during sale season, basically, the entire city is on sale. it's great. so if there's anything you've been itching to buy...GO NOW! before someone else snatches it up!

but my point is...hk people are nuts. i walked by a gucci store today (5pm on a tuesday mind you, and this city is also known for people working super late), and there was a frickin' long ass line outside of people wanting to get in!!! my goodness. just imagine the LV store! HKers really take their shopping seriously...

Friday, June 24, 2005

we had a "rain day" today. well, sorta.

when it's raining hard, they will issue yellow, red and black rain warnings. red rain means kids stay home from school. black rain means everyone gets to go home! they have a rating system (1-8) for typhoons also. i'm not sure exactly how that works, except 8 means everyone goes home! typhoon season will start soon too.

anyway. so today, we had red rain, only in the afternoon, so no kids, but teachers had to stay. i love how nobody tells me anything at school. i was sitting there wondering why there weren't any kids around. i figured it out (because i'm smart like that), but still...a little info wouldn't hurt.

it's been raining a lot since the beginning of may. i can only remember maybe 3 days when it hasn't rained. it sucks. and now it's flooding all over the place too. luckily it's not constant...we just get super heavy spurts of it throughout the day and night. and lotsa lightening and thunder, which is kinda cool because it doens't happen often in california, but it also gets awfully old after over a month of it.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

estimated move back date: february(ish)
location: palo alto

note: none of this is confirmed, it's just the current plan that seems to be pretty stable, so i thought it'd be okay to announce it.

what this means: come visit now!!! i finish work the end of august and will have lotsa free time between then and feb...so come!

Friday, May 27, 2005

i feel that most of my posts are very superficial and generic. but really, i don't wanna be spilling my heart out on a public internet site. so, superficial i will continue to be. if you really care for something deeper, email, IM, skype, call...or...VISIT!!!! :)

it's pouring outside. i hear thunder and see lightening literally every 5 minutes. it's been raining everyday for over a month now. blech. i hate rain. but luckily, it doesn't rain ALL day long, just for a few hours and through most of the night (of crazy heavy rain). i guess that's what they call tropical rain. doesn't mean i have to like it though. plus, the humidity really sucks, and it's not even at it's worse yet. yay. =/

but the more interesting part of my blog...ANOTHER kid pulled out his weiner in class today. what the heck is wrong with these hong kong kids?!?!? this is actually the 3rd time it's happened to me (not including the time a kid grabbed his weiner from outside his shorts and pretended to squirt me with it). i don't get it. i don't remember this kind of stuff EVER happening when i was a kid. then again, i wasn't a boy...maybe all of you boys did it at one point or another and are just keeping it to yourselves. this time, i yelled at the kid and it was promptly put away before anyone else saw.

...on a side note...all 3 of these kids...i'm pretty sure they weren't circumsized (i can't be sure because i didn't bother to stare, but my glimpses told me something didn't look quite right). i wonder if that's the norm in hk. anyway...

Friday, May 20, 2005

i'm getting jaded by hk. this has happened a long time ago...but i just decided to blog about it today.

these days, if a chick isn't twig thin, as in her thigh is bigger than my wrist, i find myself thinking she's a bit chubby. it's horrible. i even look at stick thin actresses and models and think that they could afford to lose a few pounds.

this also means that in my book, i'm obese :) i'm way more self conscious out here about my weight than i ever was back home. the bad thing is, i also find it harder to lose weight out here. 1.) there's so much good yummy food that's so super convenient and some of it is really cheap too. 2.) i don't do as many outdoor activities here because of the lack of space, resources, inconvenience, and crappy weather (either too cold or super humid, hot, and/or rainy). 3.) i find it more difficult to go to the gym because i have to walk there (in the crappy weather) plus working out here isn't as fun as the boxing that i used to do (though i could join a boxing gym here, but it'd be for about $120 a month which doesn't feel worth it, esp since i still gotta walk there).

yup, so i think i'm gonna stay obese until i return...THEN work on getting rid of the chubs. and maybe i'll get a more realistic take on what a healthy girl looks like again too.

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